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Perfect Fit Safe Low Voltage Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Perfect Fit Safe Low Voltage Heated Electric Throw Blanket

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Perfect Fit Safe Low Voltage Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Perfect Fit Safe Low Voltage Heated Electric Throw Blanket

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Our NEW SOFT HEAT Low Voltage Heated Warming Throw Blanket is perfect to snuggle under on cold winter nights or on chilly summer evenings. Since we are located in cold Minnesota this is one of our favorite products.   
Dial Control from low, 1-9, and high. 

"The World's Safest Heated Throw Blanket"

This was the world's first UL & CUL Listed low voltage Heated Throw Blanket! Traditionally all UL listed warming blankets in North America operated at 120 volts. Perfect Fit Industries a premier home textiles and bedding manufacturer, designed and created this heated throw blanket to operate with non-hazardous low voltage. This technology has allowed them to create the safest electric heated throw blanket ever produced.


Low Voltage


Uses 120 Volts

Uses non-hazardous
low voltage
of less than 25 Volts
Inferior fabric. Bulky and uncomfortable wires can be felt through the blanket.

Smooth Soft 100% Micro-Fleece Polyester. Heating wires so small, they're virtually unnoticeable to the touch.


Bulky wires make it heavier.

The lightest heated blanket.


May take up to 30 minutes to warm up.

Warms up in less than 15 minutes.


The fabric often shrinks after being washed and requires hand stretching to return the blanket to its original size.

This is the only heated blanket that maintains its original size after being washed.

  1. A patented Safe & Warm® technology - the ultimate in safety.
  2. The throw blanket is machine washable and dryable.
  3. 45" Wide x 60" Long
  4. It has an easy to read, easy to turn, non-slip computerized controller .
  5. It has smart preheat which automatically pre-warms to your dial setting .
  6. For safety the Heated Throw Blanket automaticly shuts off after ten hours.
  7. It is suitable for all season use, even without using the heating feature.
  8. Smooth Soft 100% Micro-Fleece Polyester - Non-pilling fabric.
  9. The automatic preheat feature warms to your dial setting in about 15 minutes.  The blanket will deliver consistent and even heat distribution while you watch TV or sit at your desk.  A low voltage blanket will create enough heat to keep you warm and comfortable. 
  10. 5 year manufacturer warranty
  11. Imported 
This product comes with:
  1. A controller
  2. A low voltage power supply box 
  3. 6' power supply cord
  4. 6' controller cord
  5. The controllers shown may vary depending on factory changes in technology and may not be exactly as illustrated.
  • Sales tax only applies on Minnesota orders.
  • Do not use this product on top of a heated mattress pad or electric blanket.
Price: $79.95